Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh the Audacity! Jorge es Inocente.com

Giving new meaning to the word chutzpah. Jorge Torres Puello has just put up a webpage: Jorge es Inocente.com. It includes his biography, legal documents (including a certificate of good conduct), audio tapes, videos...and Martha Stewart!

Many of the videos show the release of the "missionaries" and their return to Idaho. Apparently Yoram doesn't realize that these are some of the most hated people in the US today, and that most of us think they belong in jail right next to Dick Cheney and Tim Geithner. To win friends and influence people he does not want to take credit for that.

The page is in Spanish, and I need to go through it yet. The audio didn't work, but I trust that will be fixed soon.

The reinvention begins!

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