Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Haitians Release Interrogation Tape: Abductees cry for their mothers

I'm working on another piece and won't comment on this right now. The video, released by Haitian authorities, shows them interrogating Silsby & Co. Many of the children are crying for their mothers and want to go home, while Laura Silsby tries to explain her "good intentions" Silsby, unlike, the public persona she has carefully crafted, is shaken. The article accompanying the video is here.

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The page also features a February 5 CBS video of a "sincere" Silsby proclaiming the group meant no disrespect to the Haitian government and had done "nothing wrong." You may have already seen it, but it's worth archiving.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

On a sidenote, The Idaho Statesman this morning published more on Laura Silsby's financial your-check-is-in-the-mail woes. (Yes, there are more than what we already heard about!) Laura Silsby's business couldn't pay rent, taxes. BTW, the company's Better Business Bureau accreditation "expired" on February 4, 2010. No doubt!

And, how have I forgetten this? was promising matching funds up to $50,000 for various children's and school projects. I can't get the URL to work as a direct link, but you can cut and paste this:

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