Friday, March 5, 2010

Saint-Vil: Silsby to be Held for Further Investigation; Coulter Home Soon

Here I go pandering to Laura Silsby again!

Reuters reported about an hour ago that Judge Bernard Saint-Vil signed a release order for Charisa Coulter' today, but will hold Silsby for "further investigation. "(No details yet. Maybe he's reading Baby Love Child or Haiti Vox or me!)

Unfortunately for Ms Coulter, an "administrative glitch" will hold her in Haiti until Monday:

Coulter was returned to custody on Friday because court administrators could not find an official stamp necessary to validate the judge's signed order, Sainvil said.

"I already signed the release order. All that is left now is to seal it but they cannot find the official stamp," he said.

There was no chance that Coulter would be released before Monday, chief prosecutor Joseph Manes Louis told Reuters.

"I returned the order to the judge because
there is an administrative problem. Once the problem is solved I will proceed according to the law," he said.

KTVB-Boise reports that the two prisoners met separately with Judge Saint-Vil today for about two hours each and gives a few additional details.

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