Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Intrigue in Port au Prince: More Trouble Ahead for Laura Silsby?

KATU-TV Portland (Oregon) reports tonight that Laura Silsby may be in for more trouble.

At first I thought this was a re-hash of Friday's's story, but unless I missed something, this is a new detail regarding the reason she continues to be held:

The judge is looking over new documents that could link the two women to possible illegal travel in addition to other allegations of kidnapping after the two led a mission to take 33 children out of Haiti to a Dominican Republic orphanage. Haiti's investigation determined none of the children were orphans.

One of Silsby's lawyers, Louis Ricardo Chachoute, denies there's a problem. "Our clients are innocent because the documents are real there is no criminal conspiracy, no kidnapping."

BTW, how many lawyers does this woman have, and who's paying or them? And who says this is about documents?

TeamSilsby's to-and fros on both sides of the island in the few days they were free to roam are confusing, and I don't even want to try to set out a scheme here. (I've considered trying to work up a timeline).

Anne-christine d]'desky outlines a lot of curious details involving Silsby and DR officials in her Special Report update. The "illegal travel" could be related to them--her suspected helpers in high places.

Or maybe more missing children. d'Adeksy mentions that Judge Saint-Vil was also investigating a separate case of the alleged movement of 200 Haitian children into the DR. I'm having trouble locating the original source on that, so I can't link it directly. You can find it in her report linked above.

And whatever happened of those 40 other children anyway? The ones Silsby picked up early on and was barred from taking into the DR? Where did TeamSilsby get them and where did they go? So far, the only people who seem to be interested in that answer are bloggers and web sleuths.

We'd sure like to know why the Criders, John Requa, Nancy Rodriguez and the anonymous Texans from the Andrews First Baptist Church got out of Dodge so fast. too.

There's enough mysteries here to keep Ellery Queen busy for the next six years.

It's pretty clear the Haitian government wants this mess to go away so it can get back to the real business of putting the country back together. But, I have this growing feeling that the delay in Coulter's release and the continued incarceration of Silsby is about much more than what Americans might consider the eccentricities of the Napoleonic Code and Haitian law. Are Saint-Vil and the prosecutor just sticking it to Silsby and Coulter, or are they playing good cop-bad cop dragging out the case while US authorities built a case stateside just in time for the release(s)? Certainly Silsby's involved in enough shady dealings to pique the curiosity of law enforcement and the IRS. Or maybe there's other reasons.

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